Why we should eat our ice cream first! When you feel like you are waiting in line for God.

Indeed, we cannot have true faith in the Lord without also having complete trust in the Lord’s will and in the Lord’s timing.
Dallin H. Oaks


Last week my wife and I took a quick weekend trip to a little town we love—McCall Idaho. It is about a 2 hour drive away and there is a dessert place there we really love, Ice Cream Alley.

Leave Early. Ice Cream First

What we have learned about going to McCall is that you have to leave early and you have to eat ice cream first. Why?

  • If you leave late you will be stuck in a line of traffic FOREVER on the two-lane road getting into McCall (lots of weekend travelers)
  • If you wait until after dinner to get ice cream, you will be waiting in line FOREVER to get your ice cream.

So, because we hate waiting in lines, we leave early and we eat ice cream first! Don’t you just hate waiting in lines? It’s the worst!

Waiting for God.

Sometimes we feel the same way waiting for God. The same slightly frustrated anxiousness that we feel waiting in line. We might be thinking, “When is it my turn?” or “What is taking so long?” or “That person has way more than 20 items (or blessings 😊) they shouldn’t even be in this line!”

I was recently reminded:

How often we assume our desired timetable should be the Lord’s timetable! Yet we must learn the importance of “waiting patiently on the Lord” (D&C 98:2)—waiting not in a state of forlorn resignation, but “looking forward with an eye of faith to the fruit thereof” (Alma 32:40). (Susan Waldrip Ensign, April 2004)

Maintain Faith

How do we do that? How do look forward with faith while we are waiting and waiting and waiting…

1.      Focus on Growth

“Being human, we would expel from our lives sorrow, distress, physical pain, and mental anguish and assure ourselves of continual ease and comfort. But if we closed the doors upon such, we might be evicting our greatest friends and benefactors. Suffering can make saints of people as they learn patience, long-suffering, and self-mastery. The sufferings of our Savior were part of his education.”—Spencer W. Kimball

Even though we don’t always want it, sometimes waiting and being patient helps us grow. So instead of focusing just on what you want or what you don’t have, take a minute to think about the growth you are experiencing. Write down one thing you have learned while waiting on the Lord.

2.      Give up on fair.

“A good friend, who knows whereof he speaks, has observed of trials, ‘If it’s fair, it is not a true trial!’ That is, without the added presence of some inexplicableness and some irony and injustice, the experience may not stretch us or lift us sufficiently. The crucifixion of Christ was clearly the greatest injustice in human history, but the Savior bore up under it with majesty and indescribable valor.”—Neal A. Maxwell

When we stop believing that answers should come quickly or that things should be more “fair” we usually face challenges better.

3.      Faith in God’s timing

“The issue for us is trusting God enough to trust also His timing. If we can truly believe He has our welfare at heart, may we not let His plans unfold as He thinks best?” –Neal A Maxwell

Often our frustration is based on artificial timelines that we have placed on things. “I HAVE to get this solved by next week” or “If I don’t figure this out SOON bad things will happen.” It is those personal, human timelines that bring frustration…because we don’t see all that God sees. We only see right now, and often right now STINKS!

You’re waiting right now

You are probably waiting for something right now. It can be frustrating. It can be sad and discouraging. Today, write down your GROWTH. Decide you’re fine with it not being FAIR because you have FAITH that God will make it right.

And now we wait…