Making General Conference Better In 3 Steps


As we continue Conference today, I wanted to share 3 ideas about Conference that can make watching Conference more impactful, and especially make the next week better as you consider ways to apply the teachings of the weekend to your life over the next 6 months.

Taking Notes During Conference:

When I take notes at conference, I do not always write down exactly what the speaker is saying; I note the personalized direction the Spirit is giving me.

What is said is not as important as what we hear and what we feel. That is why we make an effort to experience conference in a setting where the still, small voice of the Spirit can be clearly heard, felt, and understood.

Oh, how we need general conference! Through conferences our faith is fortified and our testimonies deepened. And when we are converted, we strengthen each other to stand strong amid the fiery darts of these last days.

(Robert D Hales, “General Conference: Strengthening Faith and Testimony”)

I have tried this and it works very well! We will all get Conference on our phones and online very soon. Rather than trying to write down exact quotes of what is said (you’ll have it on your phone anyway!), focus on writing down how you feel, what the Spirit says to you. You will never get that back, so keeping notes on that is the most important writing you can do.

Listen for Hope

If in the days ahead you not only see limitations in those around you but also find elements in your own life that don’t yet measure up to the messages you have heard this weekend, please don’t be cast down in spirit and don’t give up. The gospel, the Church, and these wonderful semiannual gatherings are intended to give hope and inspiration. They are not intended to discourage you. Only the adversary, the enemy of us all, would try to convince us that the ideals outlined in general conference are depressing and unrealistic, that people don’t really improve, that no one really progresses. And why does Lucifer give that speech? Because he knows he can’t improve, he can’t progress, that worlds without end he will never have a bright tomorrow. He is a miserable man bound by eternal limitations, and he wants you to be miserable too. Well, don’t fall for that. With the gift of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and the strength of heaven to help us, we can improve, and the great thing about the gospel is we get credit for trying, even if we don’t always succeed.

(Jeffrey R. Holland, “Tomorrow the Lord Will Do Wonders among You”)

The messages of General Conference are specially designed to help you get through the next 6 months. They are messages of hope and encouragement.

When we listen to Conference hoping to find the spiritual strength we need, we will hear the things God wants to give you. Try not just to listen passively. Try to find the exact messages of hope for you.

Then go back to idea #1 and write down what the Spirit tells you. These personal messages of hope will give you the strength you need tomorrow, next week, and over the next 6 months.

What You Do Next, Matters Most

There is a treasure chest of heavenly direction awaiting your discovery in the messages of general conference. The test for each of us is how we respond to what we hear, what we read, and what we feel.

I promise that as you hear the voice of the Lord to you in the teachings of this general conference, and then act on those promptings, you will feel heaven’s hand upon you, and your life and the lives of those around you will be blessed.

Neil L. Anderson “The Voice of the Lord”

After today, we are all now being tested. Whatever you hear today, what the Spirit speaks to you today, is now the test. Listening to Conference is great, but the test is not if we will listen.

The test is if we will act. Listen today with the intention to take action.

Conference is going to be great, let’s all make the most of it by listening for hope, writing down what the Spirit speaks to us, and then taking action!